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Aoris Digital is connected to various SMBs in the Asturias region and often discusses challenges encountered by local companies when looking to expand the market reach. Tons of intent data is potentially available to small companies yet not necessarily easily accessible to the sales teams:

  • Accessing data often requires a consequent budget.
  • Using intent data requires analysis, often consuming more time than available for small teams.
  • Solutions get paid and usage is so low that ROI is not achieved.

Approach to delivering B2B intent data


We decided to evaluate the possibility of creating a simple offering that would gather essential intent data points, format it into usable information, and deliver it to users in the simplest user experience. The concept of Leadpipe was born with clear requirements:

  • Simple product activation, with minimal administration steps.
  • Reasonable pricing based on consumption.
  • Automated data delivery by email, daily or weekly.

The product was built in-house using a mix of technologies & tools: php, MySQL on the development side; Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Postmark, ActiveCampaign and Chargebee for the tools, for development to client activation.

Data processing
User experience
Email design



Leadpipe is available at in three languages. The product can be activated in a few minutes, and provides clients with:

  • A list of companies that have visited a clients’ website.
  • Details about the companies: industry, location, web site, LinkedIn page.
  • The source, medium and geographic location of the visit.
  • The list of pages that were visited with the time spent on each page.

As a result, multiple SMBs have now tried Leadpipe, taking advantage of B2B intent data that is made of both 1st party data (website traffic) and 3rd party data (company identification through reverse IP). And great value-add combination for SMBs to identify potential clients and business opportunities.


The visual identity for Leadpipe was designed by Agathe Wullepit, Art & UI/UX director. See Agathe’s portfolio on Behance.

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