Global marketing automation platform

From disparate solutions and processes to a centralized & efficient global solution.




Without clear marketing architecture strategy, the company was losing leads, did not have much tracking of anything and was wasting tremendous amounts of time managing incoming leads manually. The company being a global business, leads were lost from country to country.

The objective of the project was to centralize the funnel and automate the processing of leads whilst enabling automated email marketing capabilities.

  • Loss of leads

  • Disconnected, inefficient processes

  • Limited performance tracking & reporting



Through a large transformation initiative, the project team established a series of as-is and to-be process sessions and identified marketing capabilities and requirements; this drove the implementation of Unica Campaign, Collaboration and Leads (today HCL Unica) components through the company.

The team also drove a country-to-country preparation and training program aiming at ensuring that end-users – mostly marketers, understood the news ways of working in a marketing automation environment.

  • Common, global processes
  • Single, integrated marketing funnel
  • Globally deployed platform
Marketing transformation
Business process transformation
Data architecture
Systems Integration



After an initial roll out in 2 markets, the marketing automation platform and associated marketing automation practices were rolled out to 80% of the company’s market within 8 months. Following a precise plan of action, leads started flowing through a single funnel and into automation, eliminating manual work and enabling immediate follow-up to prospects’ interactions.

Leads were delivered to the sellers’ user interface within hours, enabling faster engagement with the prospects. eNurture streams were kicked off, improving the conversational level of the marketing campaigns.

As a result, the company saw an increase in: web traffic to landing pages, page conversion rates, inbound marketing leads, validated leads and, finally, marketing-generated revenue.

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