CRM roadmap at GoodRx with platform assessment & recommendations

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The client was meeting more and more challenges at the time of executing marketing campaigns and product-led growth activities: data was difficult to activate, building campaigns took weeks instead of days, and some of the planned activities simply could not be executed.

  • Issue with batch-based marketing campaign execution
  • Challenges in-house data encryption processes
  • Excessive turn around time for campaign launches



The project started with a few interviews with subject matter experts in different areas of the company, from marketing to I/T. It allowed the team to crystalize key requirements, document existing challenges and identify constraints.

  • Armed with that information, the project team:
  • Assembled a set of use cases.
  • Prioritized top requirements and evaluated existing platform components.
  • Documented the existing MarTech architecture.
  • Identified an alternative solution, recommending a proof of concept.
  • Built a roadmap with major activities to conduct after the proof of concept.


  • MatTech platform evaluation
  • Actionable recommendations
  • Clear transition roadmap
Use case and requirements
Product-led growth
Solution evaluation and comparison
Strategic CRRM roadmap



The deliverables provided the leadership team with a clear perspective of the current MarTech situation. The clear gap analysis combined with solution evaluation and comparison provided reliable options, and the set of recommendations provided a clear path toward enabling new and better CRM capabilities.

Project delivered in collobaration with Rudy Chang.

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