From B2B intent data to business opportunities at MetLife

Transforming B2B intent data into actionable insights.



The Group Benefits business is based on relations and continous interactions with brokers. At times, it can be challenging to have a good reason for account managers to maintain the level of engagement and to remain “to-of-mind” at the broker’s.

  • Insufficient reaching
  • Too much reliance of existing client accounts
  • Difficulty to prioritize engagements



B2B intent data, by Bombora, was used as the foundation for the project. To go from intent data to business opportunities, the team went through a few phases of data transformation:

  • Identification of the relevant intent topics, and alignment to MetLife’s products
  • Connection between (identified) company data and internal sales processes to identified the adecuate account managers
  • Design and development of the process transforming intent data into actionable information
  • Automated delivery of intent data through a personalized email linked to Salesforce CRM.
  • B2B Intent Data
  • Raw data to actionable information
  • Business opportunities
Data processing
User experience
Email design
Bombora intent data



Very innovative at start, the transformation of intent data into actionable insights was performed manually with Alteryx software.

Delivered at the account managers’ fingertips, it allowed them to detect new potential business and engage with the relevant broker with the right information, and the right time, increasing the propability to close the sale.

Bombora: B2B intent data

Project managed by Gather, NYC.

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